Are you ready for Google’s next big change?

Google announced recently that starting April 21st, 2015 that search results for mobile-friendly websites in their search engine will change dramatically. Basically if you do not have a website that displays correctly in a mobile device, Google may not rank your site well (or at all ) in their mobile search results.

This does NOT affect your desktop searches! Many people are hearing the news of this change or have been approached by a marketing agency claiming that their site will disappear from search. While its possible it may happen from mobile, your site’s rankings are ok in desktop search.

It’s still important to have a mobile website for your business. On average, 85% of people today will use their mobile device to research a product or look for a service. Many use their mobile devices to login or check in to social sites like Facebook or Twitter. How many times can you remember sitting somewhere like a restaurant or a doctor’s office and you instinctively turn to your phone to read the news or see what others are doing?

If you’re not sure if your site is mobile-friendly you can use Google’s free tool by clicking here.

What should you do if you’re not mobile?

Don’t panic! There are many options available. Depending on your budget you can either create a mobile site or consider a redesign of your existing website using the responsive design method.

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