Why Negative Reviews Can Help Your Marketing Efforts

Online Reviews

It’s inevitable these days. If you own a business online, you will get reviews. Some are great and then there are those you wish you could bury into the worldwide abyss.

Getting a bad review feels like a punch in the gut for a business owner. You work hard to offer your services or products and you want to protect your reputation.

Believe it or not, negative reviews can provide a positive impact on your overall online marketing efforts.

People have become so used to looking at and writing online reviews, that finding one with absolutely perfect 300+ 5 star reviews is too good to be true. An intelligent consumer will become suspicious easily.

Research suggests that consumers like to see a mix of good, moderate, and bad reviews when trying to determine if a business is trustworthy.

The total number of online reviews increases how viable your business is online and contributes to local search engine ranking factors. The more, the better.

Responding to your reviews

The biggest issue a lot of businesses have is the lack of customer service online. If someone calls your company and complains you won’t ignore them right? The same goes with negative online reviews. If someone complains online, you are able to respond directly to that review. People will be able to see that you addressed the concern and in some circumstances they may see a resolution.

Use reviews to your advantage

Why did the bad review come in? Is your site lacking information that would have prevented the issue in the first place? Do you have a service that may need to be tweaked? Are you too expensive for your area? How do you compete with others in the industry? All of these factors can help you improve your business, increase leads and even sales.

Negative reviews show that your business is responsive, trustworthy, and real. Be proactive and learn as a company. You may end up getting a happy, long-term customer that you never expected!

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